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What Sets Us Apart?

There are literally hundreds of attorneys available to represent criminal defendants in South Florida. Why should you seek The Tony Moss Firm, L.L.C., first?

Since 1991, he has belonged to one of the Florida Bar’s most exclusive and respected societies—those dedicated advocates who represent clients in death penalty cases (the most complex and challenging of them all), and who also teach other attorneys how to do so effectively. Belonging to this society requires such special dedication, experience, and peer review that only a fraction of Florida’s 90,000-plus lawyers ever qualify for membership.

Tony Moss prides himself on bringing that same dedication and experience to the defense of each and every client, regardless of the nature or severity of the allegation. It’s this unique experience that may make the critical difference in your case.

How is this so?

Because no type of criminal case cultivates and sharpens a lawyer’s most valuable legal and human skills more than one in which human life has been lost, and the government in turn is seeking society’s permission to take the life of the accused. Thus, in both state and Federal courts, only attorneys who meet the most rigorous standards for experience and professionalism are entrusted with the representation of indigent clients in death penalty cases.

In a death penalty prosecution, the resources and power available to the government are especially immense. The capital client’s case will be investigated by the most experienced detectives and crime lab personnel. It will be prepared for trial by the most skilled prosecutors, who often handle murder cases and nothing else. Judges must go through specialized training before presiding over such cases. Of course, in too many cases, the influence of the news media will be pervasive. In such cases, the client’s life literally rests in the hands of his lawyer.

The capital defense attorney has to prepare for two trials: one to decide whether the government has proven the client’s guilt, and (if so) a second one to decide punishment, either life imprisonment without parole, or death by lethal injection. For a sentencing trial, the attorney must be familiar with a variety of social trends and issues outside the law (e.g., poverty, educational failure, race, mental illness, exposure to domestic violence, cultural issues, etc.), and must thoroughly investigate those which may have directly affected the client’s upbringing and development, using experts in the needed disciplines to build the case for life.

Most of all, the attorney must possess the empathy to appreciate his client’s life story, the communications skills to make that story come alive to the jury, and the courage to face the same twelve angry jurors who have already found the client guilty, and to say to them that, despite the horror of his actions, the client is a human being, with a life worth saving. This is the most profound task a defense attorney can ever undertake on behalf of a client. Fewer than a fraction of 1% of Florida’s approximately 90,000 lawyers are qualified to take on this kind of representation. Tony Moss is a proud member of that exclusive legal society.

Even those who are not facing the death penalty deserve this kind of effective, client-centered assistance of counsel. The inherent virtue of liberty demands no less. Tony Moss stands ready to put those skills to work for you—no matter the charges or the possible consequences. Call him at 877.547.9407, or click Tony@TonyMossLaw.com to schedule a prompt consultation.

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