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Miami Conspiracy Attorney

One of the tools prosecutors use to pressure defendants into pleading guilty is by adding conspiracy charges to the list of offenses. This approach potentially adds many years to a prison sentence if the accused is convicted, and many would rather plead guilty to a lesser offense rather than face a harsh sentence if they lose at trial. In addition, it is often easier to get a conviction on the conspiracy charge than it is on the underlying charge. In many instances it is not necessary for any crime to have been committed in order to charge a conspiracy. The Tony Moss Firm, L.L.C. formulates an intelligent response to conspiracy charges and provides an aggressive defense in matters dealing with criminal conspiracies, including federal drug conspiracies and healthcare fraud in Florida and federal courts.

Federal Drug Conspiracy

Under Section 846 of the federal Controlled Substances Act, it is a crime to attempt or conspire to attempt any offense outlawed in the Act, such as the manufacture of distribution of a controlled substance. This law does not require a person to make any overt act toward the actual commission of the crime. Simply making the agreement itself to commit the crime creates an indictable criminal conspiracy.

The penalties for federal drug conspiracy are the same as those for committing the underlying drug offense, which range from five years to life in prison. In other words, someone could be sentenced to a very lengthy prison term for doing nothing more than agreeing to commit a crime with another person. Such a result could be improper and disproportionate in many circumstances. The Tony Moss Firm works to avoid such a harsh and unjust outcome.

Healthcare Fraud Conspiracy

A federal healthcare fraud conspiracy could be charged under the general U.S. conspiracy statute 18 U.S.C. 371, which makes it a crime to conspire to defraud the United States or any U.S. agency. Unlike the federal drug conspiracy law, however, this law does require more than an agreement; at least one person must do some act in furtherance of the conspiracy in order to charge a healthcare fraud conspiracy. However, this act may be something very minor, such as obtaining an application, making a doctor’s appointment or opening a bank account. Even if you are not the person who takes any action, you could still be charged with the conspiracy and subjected to the full force of the law.

Get Help From an Experienced Florida Conspiracy Defense Attorney

Conspiracy laws and other federal statutes can be mind-bogglingly technical and complex, making the defense against conspiracy charges a minefield for a defendant or lawyer who is unpracticed in the federal system. If you are being charged in a federal drug conspiracy or healthcare fraud conspiracy, make sure you hire an attorney with skill and experience defending people charged with similar offenses. In Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Florida statewide, contact the Tony Moss Firm, L.L.C. for assistance.

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